79th District Debate on This Week’s BronxTalk with Gary Alexbank

On Monday night’s BronxTalk, host Gary Alexbank spoke with Michael Blake, Frederick Ricks, and Raul Rodriguez. All three candidates are on the Democratic primary for the 79th Assembly District.

The 79th Assembly District is unique in that it is currently one of the ten vacant Assembly seats in New York State after Eric Stevenson was convicted on bribery charges in January. This vacancy is very concerning since it leaves an area that is already underrepresented without any proper representation. Additionally, it is plagued by the fact that it is a low voter turnout.

The 79th Assembly District, just like the 78th district, debate had chairs which were empty. Various issues were discussed in this debate including there being no full-service bank within the district, the flood of new malls effecting small businesses, Common Core, and stop-and-frisk.



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