From The Desk of Lewis H. Goldstein – September 10, 2014


First I would like to thank Sal Conforto for giving me this opportunity to write for an extraordinary journalistic endeavor. It is my intent to write stories of human and animal rights, community issues, politics, the legislative process, my life at age 71 as a life long resident of our great County, travel and human interest stories. My intent is not to be politically correct but to say what is in my heart. I encourage respectful controversy and agreement. That is what our nation should be about.

The 2014 Democratic primaries in our great City are now pretty much history. I wholeheartedly congratulate the winners. I also congratulate those who lost for participating in a democratic process unknown in much of this sphere we call Earth. I take pride in congratulating my long time friend Senator Jeff Klein. Although we have had differences in the past I respect his always telling it as it is. I look forward to seeing him lead progressive legislation such as GENDA, Women’s Right Bill and other legislation to fruition in the upcoming session. I thank my friend Oliver Koppell for his many years of service. A year or two before Oliver was term limited I asked him what he would do once his term ended this past year. He said he planned to enjoy life. For whatever reason, he and Lorraine, decided to give politics one more shot. I hope that he and Lorraine can now enjoy a retirement from politics and engage in travel and other fun endeavors.

I congratulate my friend Senator Gustavo Rivera on a well deserved and needed victory. We desperately need leaders like him to fight for progressive legislation and to support human and animal rights. His victory shows us that his career as an elected official will spiral over the coming years. Councilman Fernando Cabrera has been a positive voice when it comes to animal rights and other issues. I wish him the best over the next three years as a NYC Councilman. I hope that he will evolve in many respects especially in recognizing the separation of state and religion and the rights of the LGBT community and of women.

The contest between Victor Pichardo and Hector Ramirez is too close to call. Victor has been a very effective member of the NYS Assembly during his first term as a legislator. I personally hope that he prevails in this spirited contest.

I congratulate Latoya Joyner and Michael Blake on their victories. I look forward to working with them and getting to know them over the coming months.

The victory by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul will lead to a more progressive New York State. The valiant campaign by Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu demonstrate that a sizable number of New York Democrats want a government which recognizes the needs of all.

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