Carl Heastie Re-Elected As Bronx Democratic Leader, Reflections

Guest Op-Ed by Lewis H. Goldstein


Fran Mahony, District Leader for over a quarter of a century being honored by Chairman Carl Heastie and her successor as District Leader Marjorie Valazquez-Lynch

Last night at a meeting of the Bronx Democratic County Committee, followed by a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Democratic County Committee, Assemblyman Carl Heastie was unanimously re-elected as Chairman of the Executive Committee and as Democratic County Leader. First elected in 2008 in a fiercely contested election Chairman Heastie has earned the unanimous support of the Bronx electeds, members of the County Committee and the grassroots Democrats of this great Borough. In nominating Chairman Heastie, Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo stated how in 2008 she had not supported him. His work as Chairman of the Party came across early in his tenure. Arroyo stated that she is impressed with the respect Heastie gives all even if there is disagreement. She feels that the Bronx Party has become very inclusive and diverse under his Chairmanship. In his acceptance speech Heastie thanked all and stated his belief in a party that includes all regardless of race, religion, national background, sexual orientation, gender: “I thank the Bronx Democratic County Committee for showing its confidence in me as its Chairman for at least the next two years. I look forward to a continuation of our diverse party and the inclusion of all. I call on all Democrats to join with us in a united Democratic Party.”

Having been active in the Democratic Party in the Bronx since Charlie Buckley was Chair in the 1960s I can honestly say that Carl Heastie is the best. In appointing me as Vice Chair and Liaison to the LGBT, Animal Rights Communities he has allowed me to say what I believe. He respects all and even when there is disagreement it is done in a respectful and constructive way. The Bronx is lucky to have Carl Heastie as a member of NYS Assemblyman and as the Chairman of the Democratic Party.

Earlier in the evening Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz was unanimously re-elected as Chairman of the Bronx Democratic County Committee. Other officers elected were Vice-Chairs Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo, Marcella Brown, Councilman Andrew Cohen, Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, Lewis Goldstein, Michael Johnson, Sylvia Lask, Joe McManus, Thomas Messina and Joel Rivera. Assemblyman Michael Benedetto was re-elected as treasurer, Benny Catala as First Vice-Chair and Wilbert Lawton as Seargent-at-Arms.

In a special ceremony Fran Mahony was thanked for her many years of service as a District Leader. Her successor Marjorie-Velazquez Lynch presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Later in the evening the Honorable John Barone was re-nominated for Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Justice Barone was first elected a Justice of the Supreme Court in 2000. In nominating Justice Barbone Councilman Andy King said “Judge Barone has served New Yorkers for over 22 years as a skilled and professional member of the legal system. He is filled with the Bronx Experience that allows him to be as fair as you would want anyone who sits on the bench. Hus wife nourishes his Soul and keeps him ever so humble while doing the people’s work. Congratulations Your Honor and thank you for your continued service.”

Bronxites are lucky to have leadership which is always there to speak out for the needs of every resident of this borough.


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