State Dem Committee Mtg: Dems Choose Fmr. Gov. David Paterson As State Chair

Post by Columnist Lewis H. Goldstein

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Bronx Delegation: Matt Osborn, former intern to Congressman Eliot Engel, Student at SUNY,Albany; Zena Twyman,Liberty Dem. Assoc; Sylvia Lask, Member Executive Committee,NYS Dem. Comm. ; Governor David Paterson; Diana Diaz, 79 AD; Kenny Agosto, 78 AD; Lewis Goldstein, NYS Dem. Comm. Executive Committee; Helen Morik, 81 AD; Joe McManus,80 AD

The New York State Democratic Committee meeting in Albany unanimously chose former Governor David Paterson as its Chairman for the next two years. Several members of the State Committee from the Bronx attended. Among those attending from The Bronx were NYS Democratic Committee Executive members Sylvia Lask and Lewis Goldstein, State Committee members Joe McManus
(80 AD), Kenny Agosto (78 AD), Diana Diaz (79 AD), Helen Morik ( 81 AD), Matt Osborn, former intern to Congressman Eliot Engel, Student at SUNY Albany, Zena Twyman, Liberty Democratic Club and Jenn Rivera, Staff member to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Kathy Hochul, candidate for Lt. Governor with Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the State Committee. She also hosted the reception the previous night. In discussing the Bronx with Lewis Goldstein she how she loved the people of the Bronx, its leaders the NY Botanical Garden, The Bronx Zoo and many other attractions.

Governor Paterson reminded the assembled delegates that Governor Cuomo “… in his time as Governor has passed budgets on time for four straight years. That hasn’t happened since Henry Hudson sailed on the half moon. That alone should reelect anybody who could actually accomplish that feat. In addition to that he created 500,000 new jobs, raised the minimum wage, and cut taxes for the middle class and for everyone to its lowest point since 1953.”
Former Congresswoman and Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul said: “I was in New York City the first day 53,000 children were going off to pre K. Those children have a shot. They have a shot not just at the New York State dream but the American dream. Because when they get that head start they now have an opportunity to learn things that maybe in some communities the parents are taking care. But in some areas the moms and dads aren’t sitting home reading to their children because they’re working two or more jobs a day in order to support their families. We now have that for children across the state. Those are important values.”

In my opinion the ticket headed by Governor Andrew Cuomo has what it takes to provide what our great borough, our great city and our great state needs. This view is my personal view. It does not necessarily portray the views of the Bronx Chronicle or its staff.

After two long days in Albany it was great to return home and join in celebrating the birthday of my close friend Assemblyman Carl Heastie. Good to be back in The Bronx

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