A Greener Earth is a Better Earth

By Columnist Lewis H. Goldstein

Personally I am thrilled to see the steps Mayor de Blasio is taking to make our city the Greenest of the Green cities in this nation. For many years I have been a strong advocate for protecting our environment. My MA is in Environmental Education. As a teacher much of the curriculum I taught was tied into our environment. Global warning is a danger to us and to future generations.

All of this fits in with Mayor de Blasio’s plans to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in New York City by 80% by 2050. As Mayor de Blasio said “There is a moral imperative to act in the war against global warming.” By using solar power for lighting, heating, air conditioners and more we will make great strides to make our great City the GREENEST of GREEN. It is hoped that building-based greenhouse gas emissions will fall by an additional 10% by 2025. The upgrades are expected to yield more than 1.4 billion in savings to New York City by 2025. New York City will pay for efficiency upgrades if owner of buildings agree to preserve lower cost affordable housing in a given building.

By going solar we not only help the environment but provide jobs. In speaking to my good friend Joe McManus, an officer with Steamfitters Local 638 and a political and community leader, I was informed that Steamfitters and other workers are the ones who install the technology and hardware for using solar energy. This will mean more job opportunities for steamfitters, pipefitters and plumbers.

For us and for future generations we have to GO GREEN. Climate change is having a very bad impact on all humans and non-humans. Hurricane Sandy is an example of destructive storms brewing because of it. We see the great ice sheets melting and in doing that having major impact on animals and plants. A warming planet means less ice coverage of the Arctic Sea leaving polar bears with less time and less ice for hunting and eating seals. They depend on seals for their survival. Can adapt yet even adaptations have a negative impact. We need to use solar power. We need to switch to electric and hybrid vehicles. I love my electric vehicle. It helps to save our environment from pollution, is economical and protects future generals from the impact of climate change. Personally I feel that we can also utilize wind power. We see windmills in many parts of our nation and the world. Why not here? Do you have other ideas? Please let us know.

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