Morris Perk Pop-Up: Perking up the neighborhood

Earlier this year The Bronx Chronicle visited the only pop-up cat cafe in NYC and while there is talk of a permanent cat tea house in the city, the Bronx threw it’s own pop-up cafe.

This past Saturday, Lovie Pignata held “Morris Perk’s B.Y.O.M.” (BYOM = Bring Your Own Mug) an outdoor pop-up coffee shop for her future cafe. Serving locally brewed Morris Perk coffee along with tasty sweets provided by Whoopies Miniature Dessert Co., the pet-friendly pop-up also had an array of furry friends. Making a celebrity appearance was Morris Perk’s (unofficial) mascot, Prancer, an adopted senior Pomeranian.


Dean Verni with Morris Perk creator, Lovie Pignata and Prancer

Unlike any pop-up coffee shop or cafe that you would find in the more popular areas of Manhattan, this Bronx pop-up had a special lesson in astronomy from Joseph Martinez of Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy. Cultivating an interest in science and providing Bronxite’s accessibility to astronomy, Jupiter Joe brought along his Solar Scope. Attendants had a chance to look at the Sun and solar flares.


For 13 years, Ms. Pignata has passed by 2000 Holland Avenue imagining the possibilities for the empty storefront. Underneath a classic Tudor-style building is a storefront that has been empty for 30 years. Due to a long period of inactivity, the NYC Planning office reverted the space back to residential which does not allow it to generate income.

The vision for Morris Perk is not that of a Starbuck’s or a corporate coffee shop, Lovie has an ever expanding vision for her shop. While being a purveyor of coffee, she plans on holding educational classes in the arts as well as allowing community organizations to host events. Additionally, Ms. Pignata wants to open the space in Morris Perk for small businesses and independent business owners who need a place to work or hold meetings.


Lovie Pignata hopes to open Morris Perk in 2015, however, her biggest hurdle is rezoning the space to a commercial status. To help with this, click here to sigh and share the petition to get the storefront rezoned.

Click here to donate and share Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy kickstarter.

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