Governor Cuomo at WEP Rally: Unfortunately, “It’s Still A Man’s World”

imageOn October 11, at a rally for the newly formed Women’s Equality Party at John Jay College Governor Andrew Cuomo lamented that fact that in New York and beyond women are still treated as second class citizens and that unfortunately it is still “A Man’s World”. Women are still not receiving equal pay, there is discrimination in promoting women in many companies, women are subjected to harassment on the job, and women are treated as second class citizens. Domestic violence against women is still accepted and practiced by many. There are attempts to stop women from having control over their own bodies. The rights guaranteed under Roe v. Wade are being threatened. The 10 Point Women’s Equality Act has been held up by right wing legislators in the New York State Senate.

In her opening remarks Former NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn emphasized that the 10 points in the Women’s Equality Act included items such as equal pay, ending workplace sexual harassment, strengthening human trafficking laws and others. She stated that the “Women’s Equality Express” has also been in Long Island this weekend after visiting three upstate cities last weekend.

Governor Cuomo, in his remarks stressed the fact that the right wing Tea Party is the tail wagging the entire Republican Party. He referred to moderate Republicans such as Former Governor George Pataki who was a supporter of abortion rights. Cuomo emphasized the need for his entire 10 Point Women’s Equality proposal to be enacted when the New York State Legislature convenes in January. He and Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul are candidates on the Women’s Equality Party line as well as on the Democratic Party Line. Also a candidate on the Women’s Equality Party Line as well as the Democratic Party line is Senator Jeffrey Klein, a very strong supporter of women’s rights.

Also speaking was Lt. Governor Candidate Kathy Hochul. She pointed out the disrespect she received when she was a member of Congress. She applauded Senator Gillibrand’s work on behalf of eliminating sexual abuse of women in the military and elsewhere. Hochul had a pro-choice record while a member of Congress. Also speaking was Kangela Moore representing Teamsters Local 237. Prior to introducing Governor Cuomo she emphasized that the WEP is for equality for women and for all.

Several elected officials have questioned the need for a Women’s Equality Party. Some feel that this action could marginalize female Democratic voters. Some feel that it is not good to encourage people not to vote on the Democratic or Working Families Party lines. It is my feeling that those independent voters and those Republicans who favor women’s rights and equality for all and might not be comfortable voting Democrat should vote the Women’s Equality Line. As an officer of the Democratic Party I will be voting on the Democratic line. I support the agenda of the Women’s Equality Party 100% as do those running on the Democratic Line. In order to qualify as a permanent party for future elections the WEP has to garner 50,000 votes next November.

Supporting EQUALITY with our Governor

Supporting Equality

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