Shooting interrupts Community Board 7 Meeting: A Bad Sign

Milenia Marias “Gypsy Queen” reporting from the Northwest Bronx

On Tuesday October 14, Community Board 7 had three separate community meetings.

The budgeting meeting discussed the capital projects that the community considers most important; a sanitation meeting where individuals expressed the need to have an Animal Shelter in the Bronx , and a health committee meeting .  These meetings were going as usual, when suddenly shots were heard along the block.

People in front of the office ran to the back, others ran to the front. The Chair lady from the Community Board, Adaline Walker, called the 52nd Precinct and let them know that at 204th and Valentine there was a shooting.

A gentleman approached the Community Board office furious, just 20 minutes before he walked in front to the office with his family going to the supermarket located at 204th and Mosholu Parkway South just one block away from the shooting. “This must stop, the police must to do something. What they are doing for our community? The time for talking is over, we need action, and we need their presence” he screamed at all the people present. He was right, He is right.

Ironically, at the time of the shooting, discussions were beginning regarding the installation of ShotSpotters audio equipment to notify the police in minutes to the location of a shooting – across community Board 7 to improve public safety.

Police arrived at the scene in approximately 5 minutes.  After investigations, we were not notified to the status of any of the participants. We saw that at Mosholu Parkway South and 204th someone was arrested, but the community is uncertain is this had anything to do with the shooting.

Bedford Park always has being a quiet community, with many homes and small buildings; the increment of crime has been alarming for all the community. Some of the residents keep repeating, “If this happened 10 years ago no one would believe it.” Today, we still don’t believe it, but we are left wondering what to do.

The 52 precint seems to hear our concerns, but they cite a lack of able officers to patrol the streets. When they are covering the hot spots at 184th and Valentine or at Decatur and Fordham, the crime, the drugs, the gangs are coming north.

What can we do to keep our streets safe?

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