A healthy, delicious vegan recipe. Try it!

As many of you know I have been vegan for just under two years and vegetarian for eight years. As I mentioned in a previous column I became vegetarian/vegan for humane, health and religious reasons. Over the years I have experimented with making delicious and healthy vegan meals for myself and others. I often make this dish which is quite easy, nutritious and humane to the non-humans with whom we share this planet. Eating vegan food does not mean just chomping on celery and carrots or on apples and pears. You can make fantastic savory dishes without having to depend on factory farming and other inhumane ways that animals are raised for slaughter. I developed this recipe myself. I love it.

One of the ingredients is seitan which is the gluten in wheat; it is soy free and very nutritious. It is available in many supermarkets and in many Asian markets and neighborhoods. The texture resembles meat and has a meaty taste. I also use vegan Canadian bacon which has a very similar taste to bacon without the fats and cholesterol. I use Soy Vay Hoisin Garlic sauce which is fantastic. I use many different vegetables depending on the mood I am in. They include Swiss chard, collards, bell peppers, onions, potatoes, scallions, garlic, squash, mushrooms (I prefer oyster or when I can find them lobster mushroom), leeks, basil. One can experiment with any vegetables.

The Preparation:

1. I place the sliced potatoes into a skillet and fry until they are a light brown,

2. Then I place the protein (any that I’ve┬ámentioned above), onions and, garlic in with the potatoes for around ten minutes until they are crisp.

3. I add the rest of the vegetables and stir in the Soy Vay sauce and also sesame seeds and cook for around ten minutes.

4. I devour what I have made.

Here is a Vegan Challenge for you.

The challenge is for any carnivore to join me for dinner at one of the many fantastic vegan restaurants in Manhattan. If you do not enjoy the food I will pay for you and your guest if you bring one. If you enjoy the food you pay for yourself and your guest. At worst you will hate the food, which I doubt, but have a nice social evening with me. The best would be your loving the food and maybe consider going vegan. I am limiting this challenge to five couples at this time. You will appear in the Bronx Chronicle. First come first served.

I will be publishing many more of my vegan recipes. That includes my famous vegan chocolate chip cookies. If you try one of my recipes please let me know how you like it.


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