Election Day is November 4: Congressional Races

The Congressional Incumbents representing The Bronx have nominal opposition. Congressman Eliot Engel has no opposition. All four of our members in Congress have proven records when it comes to serving the needs of their constituents and of The Bronx. Each is progressive on Federal issues. Pictures are being posted for those on the Democratic and Republican Party lines.

In the 13th Congressional District Congressman Charles Rangel, Democratic Line, has no opponent on the Republican or Conservative lines. He has an opponent on the Green Party Line (Daniel Vila) and on the Working Families Line ( Kenneth Schaeffer). Congressman Rangel represents parts of Manhattan and parts of The Bronx. His district in The Bronx he represents Kingsbridge, Norwood, Bedford Park, Fordham and University Heights. He is the third ranking member of Congress in seniority. He has said that this will be his last term.

In the 14th Congressional District Congressman Joseph Crowley, Democratic WFP, has no opponent on the Republican Line. He has an opponent on the Conservative Line ( Elizabeth Perri). Congressman Crowley represents the Bronx Communities of Throggs Neck, Morris Park, Pelham Parkway, Pelham Bay and City Island. Congressman Crowley is a leader of the Democratic members on Congress. He is member of several key committees and caucuses. “Enacting an agenda that reflects the values of my constituents and moves our country forward is my top priority,” said Rep. Joe Crowley. “Not only am I committed to raising the minimum wage and fighting hard to make immigration reform a reality, but I am working hard on the issues that matter most in our district. That is why I’ve introduced legislation to improve pedestrian safety, ensure our quality of life and help put New Yorkers back to work.”

In the 15th Congressional District Congressman Jose Serrano, Democratic, WFP, has no opponent on the Republican Line. He has an opponent on the Conservative Party Line ( Eduardo Ramirez) and on the Green Party Line (William Edstrom).He represents the communities of Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Melrose, High Bridge, Morrisaina, East Tremont, Tremont, Morris heights, University heights, Belmont, Fordham, Bedford Park, West Farms Longwood and part of Soundview. He is ranking member of the Subcommittee on Finanacial Services and General Government. In stressing the importance of voting Congressman Serrano said” “Voting is a fundamental right under the U.S. Constitution, a responsibility as a citizen, and the basis of our democracy. Through this special right, U.S. citizens determine who represents them in government and the future of our country. Your vote is your voice, make it count. Make sure to vote next Tuesday, and encourage you family and friends to do so as well,”

In the 16th Congressional District Congressman Eliot Engel has no opposition. He represents The Bronx Communities of Co-Op City, Wakefield, Woodlawn and Riverdale. He is Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He is also a ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

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