Election Day is November 4: Our State Senate Choices

This coming Tuesday, November 4 New yorkers will be electing members to the new York State Senate and to the New York State Assembly. The New York State Assembly is poised to remain under the control of the Democrats. The control of the New York State Senate is up in the air. The Democratic Party is aiming to take control of the New York State Senate in order to pass progressive legislation held captive by the Republicans in the Senate. One key piece of legilation helped up in the past is the Ten Point Womens’ Equality legislation. Senator Jeffrey Klein who played a pivotal role with his Independent Democratic Caucus has stated that he will caucus with The Democratic Caucus come January. Control rests with a few NYS Senate races non of which are in The Bronx. In all likelihood those presently representing The Bronx will be reelected.

These are the candidates for the New York State Senate. Many are listed as candidates but no information or pictures of the candidates are available:


NYS Senate District 29: Senator Jose Serrano Jr., is the incumbent.He is on the Democratic and Working Families Line. This district includes the Bronx communities of Mott Haven, Melrose, Highbridge, Morris Heights. He has been in the forefront in the fight for affordable housing, health care and in promoting the arts. In discussing the importance of voting Senator Serrano said: “The acting of voting on Election Day is one of the most important civic responsibilities we as citizens have. Voting ensures that we have a government which is composed of individuals who are truly representative of their constituents. It also inspires confidence by promoting transparency and accountability. Equally important is that by voting, we as constituents feel vested in our community – we feel a sense of participation that brings about a greater good”. Senator Serrano’s opponent on the Republican and Conservative lines is Kevin Barrett. He states that he is a product of a mixed marriage: Democrat and Republican. He is conservative on many social justice issues and fiscal issues. Please check his web site for more details: electkevinbarrett.com.

NYS Senate District 31: Senator Adriano Espaillat is the incumbent. He is on the Democratic and Working Families Party Lines. He represents the Bronx community of Inwood and part of Riverdale. He is a key member of several committees. He has no opposition in the election.

NYS Senate District 32– Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is the incumbant.He is on both the Democratic and reppublican lines. He represents the communities of Morrisaina, Melrose, Longwood, Castle Hill, Parkchester, Hunts Point and Soundview. An outspoken and often independent member of the NYS Senate. He champions the needs of seniors and other groups often overlooked. He is Ranking member of the Senate Committee on Aging. He is opposed by Jasmine Marte on the Conservative line. No information was available about Ms. Marte.

NYS Senate District 33– Senator Gustavo Rivera is the incumbent. He is on the Democratic and Working Families Lines. He represents the communities of Kingsbridge Heights, East Tremont, Crotona Park, Fordham, Belmont, Van Nest, Claremont, High Bridge and Morris Park. He is an outstanding advocate for social justice, immigration reform and health services. “Election Day gives each of us the opportunity to have our voice heard on the issues that are important to us, such as the minimum wage and rent-regulation laws. It allows each of us to choose the candidates that we believe will best represent those issues and our interest,” said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. “On November 4th we have the opportunity, as a community, to elect public servants that are committed to making working New Yorkers a priority and I urge all Bronxites to join me in voting to make sure our voice is heard.” His opponent on the Republican and Conservative Lines is Steven Stern. No information is available on Mr. Stern. Jose Padilla is a candidate for NYS Senate on the Independence Party Line in the 33rd Senatorial District.

NYS Senate District 34– Senator Jeffrey Klein is the incumbent. He is on the Democratic, Working Families and Women’s Equality Party Lines. In The Bronx he represents the communities of Kingsbridge, Pelham Bay, Morris Par, Norwood, Riverdale, City Island, Pelham Parkway and Allerton. “Voting is not only our civic duty, it is a privilege and a powerful tool that every resident of this state and country has, inherent in the democracy we hold dear. I urge everyone to make their voice heard on Election Day by casting their ballot for the candidate they believe will best represent their concerns and the issues that matter most to their families,” said State Senator Jeff Klein. Senator Klein is opposed by Aleksander Mici on the Republican Line. Mr. Mici lives in Morris Park .His positions are very conservative. Please check his web site for more information: alexmici.com. Senator Klein is also opposed on the Conservative Line Frank Delavalle) and on the Green party Line ( Carl Lundgren). No information was available on these two candidates.

NYS Senate District 36 is represented by Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson. She is on both the Democratic and Working Families Party Lines. She represents the Bronx Communities of Wakefield, Co-Op City, Edenwald, Baychester and Norwood. She is a member of key NYS Senate committees. She has announced her intention to be a candidate for Mayor of Mt. Vernon. Her opponent on the Republican and Conservtive lines is Robert Diamond. No information is available on Mr. Diamond.

EDIT: I inadvertently omitted Jose Padilla.  I apologize for inadvertently omitting Mr Padilla. For those interested in his positions please check out the platform of the Independence Party.

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