Pelham Grand: Good Vibes

The Pelham Grand Community Advisory Council Mamillus Scott, Lewis Goldstein, Jill Clockadale, Bill Flores, Frank Barber, Eliana Leve, Joe Oddo, Martin Prince and Ken Kearns. Missing from the picture is Deleon Jones who had stepped away.

The Pelham Grand Community Advisory Council Mamillus Scott, Lewis Goldstein, Jill Clockadale, Bill Flores, Frank Barber, Eliana Leve, Joe Oddo, Martin Prince and Ken Kearns. Missing from the picture is Deleon Jones who had stepped away.

On November 6, 2014 the Community Advisory Council for the Pelham Grand met at the Pelham Grand. Agency staff, community members and residents were present and there was full and open participation by all. The community was represented by Board members Joseph Oddo, Chair if The Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association, Martin Prince, Chair, Community Board # 10, Ken Kearns, District Manager, Community Board # 10 and I. The two resident members were Mannilus Scott and Deleon Jones. The ASCNYC was represented by Eliana Leve, Deputy Executive Director for Programs, Jill Clockadale, Associate Director of Housing, Frank Barker, Housing Placement Coordinator. Also present was Bill Flores, Senior Director of Security, Andrews International Security.

The meeting began with Joe Oddo reporting that there was a report of smoking marijuana in the public areas of the building. The report was not substantiated. Jill reported that there are now two shifts of security at the Pelham Grand during the night hours. One security guard is at the front desk and a second security guard patrols the building. The first night shift is 4 PM until midnight. The second shift is Midnight until 8 AM. During the day there is one security guard at the desk. Jill reported that two residents had been discharged from the program. One resident because he was not participating in the program goals and activities. The other resident violated rules regarding his issues with alcohol. House rules have evolved based on experiences at the Pelham Grand. They will continue to evolve. All residents are required to sign out when leaving and sign in when returning to the building. Agency staff is now accessing apartments to be sure that apartments are being kept clean and neat. For those tenants who have issues with housekeeping or activities of daily living staff will instruct them and monitor their progress.

Ken Kearns suggested that more community residents should be on the CAC. All agreed that this would occur. Ken stressed the involvement of residents with services provided in the community. Residents should avail themselves of Montefiore, Jacobi, etc. The importance of social work services provided by Jacobi and Montefiore was discussed. I stated that John Dabbini, Deputy Executive Director Behavioral Health Services for the North Bronx Health Network was an excellent resource. Jill related that several events and services were offered to the tenants. One was on proper nutrition. Another was on acupuncture.

There are presently twenty-eight residents. Others are in the pipeline for admission. Of those presently residing at the Pelham Grand two are veterans. Frank Barker detailed his contacts and discussions with the Veterans Administration. More veterans will be admitted in the not too distant future. Ken Kearns said that not only Viet-Nam era veterans should be in the program but veterans of more recent wars such as in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suggested outreach to SAGE for possible placement of aging gays and lesbians.

Mr. Scott said that he was grateful for the program and has been using local merchants including Bonavita Key Food. Mr. Jones stated that he is eager to attend church in the area.Religious services will be publisized to all residents. An issue regarding filling prescriptions at CVS was brought up by Mr. Scott. I will speak to the pharmacist at CVS on Bruckner and Westchester Avenue.

The draft mission statement was discussed. Some tweaks were suggested. Eliana will be broadening the mission statement.

Ken suggested that a tenant council or association be established. It will be. I suggested a person serve as a resident director for each floor. That person would monitor that floor and assist in making sure that house rules were being followed.

I brought up the question of publicizing CAC meetings. It was felt that more time was needed. Jill mentioned the possibility of inviting the community to events at the Pelham Grand.

It was decided that there would be three co-chairs. Joe Oddo will be representing the community at large, Manillus Scott representing the residents at the Pelham Grand and Jill Clockadale representing the ASCNYC.

The meeting went very well. All members of the CAC were very open. There was transparency from the agency. Residents spoke freely and were eager to participate. If anybody has any questions or issues please feel free to contact the CAC, the agency, or CB # 10.

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