Community Board 7 – Nov 2014 General Board Awards and Discussion

Milenia Marias “Gypsy Queen” reporting from the Northwest Bronx

Tuesday October 21st, the Community Board 7 General Board meeting was held at the Serviam Gardens in Bedford Park at 6:30pm. In the public session many people talked about multiple community concerns, including the shooting in Valentine and 203th, the installation of police lights at the corner of 204th and Valentine and the presence of officers in different areas in Mosholu Parkway.CCCCC

cb75NovemChairwoman Adeline Walker presented an award to Chief Deputy Inspector Nilda Hofmann, who, “in the little time she has been in charge, has done a lot for the 52 district and gave the community completely access when it was needed.

(Video of the Award)

Thomas Lucania, Director of Community Boards Unit and Legislative Affairs, was also awarded for helping in every way while Community Board 7 was without an office manager, offering priceless advice and guidance, and making himself available 24/7 when a community board member needed advice.

cb71After the awards and public session, the various committees sessions started, the most important being the decision to write a letter of support with the Parents Association of the Bronx Science High School and a Councilman, who’s name wasn’t disclosed, for the name changing of 205th street between Goulden Avenue and Paul Avenue to “Bronx Science Boulevard.”
Ms Lowell Green, chair for Traffic and Transportation, communicated the petition’s lack of enough signature for a name change before the required deadline. There was much back-and-forth between board members on the merits of enforcing such a change without the requirements met. Writing the letter was approved through vote.

Community Leader and founder of the Northwest Bronx Democrats Anthony Rivieccio was flabbergasted “It is a really bad precedent, names of streets are changed when it involves people who have done a great deal of work for the community and not for institutions. It is plain wrong to say no one lives in the area. What about the people that live at Scott Towers? They live around the corner, anyone ever ask them? Or even Tracy Towers , they live in the area. Those people use the bus stop every day, they should be asked before anyone signs a letter supporting this initiative. I’m betting someone is getting a very nice donation for this”


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