Bronx Park East Community Association News for 11/27-12/3

Bronx Park East Community Association News
By Kenny Agosto
Beautifying Our Neighborhoods One Block At A Time!

The Bronx Park East Community Association celebrates her second anniversary as the beacon of neighborhood cohesion, promoting a vibrant community renaissance The Bronx has ever seen. We have built many tree-guards and benches throughout the North Bronx. We have painted miles of graffitied walls and roll down gates, replaced by beautiful murals. We had two years of budget-neutral programming for our children and seniors that included art, poetry and music. We organized tenants and block associations. We have organized 8 highly successful block parties and concerts.

We are already planning for an exciting Spring/Summer 2015 full of community engagement through programming, activism, and block parties. In just two short years,” Team B-PECA” has served as the watch word for community action, with a mission to vastly improve the human condition in our collective neighborhoods. Yes, one block at a time! Our volunteer armies of activists have endeavored to subvert the dominant negative paradigm of gang-related property destruction and criminal mayhem. B-PECA, the board under the leadership of Raphael Schweizer, has thrown the gauntlet to all those who prey on our vulnerable neighbors and our streetlamps, mailboxes, and benches. One only needs to venture north of Pelham Parkway to see the dramatic differences in the appearances of our roll down gates, traffic lights, and fireboxes. The “Broken Window Theory” is put to the test whenever B-PECA’s Neighborhood Watch Paint Patrol team encounters a freshly vandalized wall with illegal gang-related graffiti. They immediately attack it with several fresh coats of paint, stopping these vandals in their tracks. If we observe any criminal mischief during our night-time patrols, the NYPD’s 49th Precinct is immediately alerted and the bad guys are promptly arrested. Next year, B-PECA members will be participating in our Court-Monitoring program clad in our bright red t-shirts to push for harsh sentences for chronic recidivists with the recommendation of mandatory community service in our coverage areas, to help us clean up vandalism and repair property destruction.

Con Edison Reports

At our November 13th B-PECA general meeting our special guest was Con Edison’s Bronx Public Affairs Manager, Rolando Infante. Rolando fully briefed us on the state of gas and electric within the confines of Bronx Community Board 11. He informed us Con Edison needs permits to break the street to do repairs. He gave out warning stickers and magnets warning us what to do in the event of a gas emergency, in the wake of the unfortunate gas explosion in East Harlem that leveled an apartment building killing an elderly resident. “If you smell gas, act fast. Get out, dial 911!” said Rolando. Con Edison has made over $40 billion in investments, replacing 60 miles-a-year of gasoline replacement pipe lines. Con Edison has opened up the streets and the tie-ins. They have redoubled their repairing of existing infrastructure to prepare for future polar vortexes and super storms. Their “Storm Hardening Programs” has created new overhead power lines that are now equipped with power couplings that detach with the intention of saving our neighborhoods from system-wide grid failures. If a tree falls on a power line, the power coupling detaches, leaving the rest of the grid working. In addition, Rolando informed us, by law, we are converting to cleaner burning gas by 2030.
He explained how level payments works to mitigate against final cut-off notices. Level payment averages out your utility bills. If you have trouble paying your bill you can call them to protect people with disabilities and seniors. After Super Storm Sandy, The Bronx proved to be a resilient borough. Rolando also told us that The Bronx east of the Bronx River now has automated meter readers. Rolando left several valuable energy saving tips, detailing ways to effectuate positive energy consumption in the winter by pulling up your shades to naturally heat up your house and, conversely drawing the drapes in the summer to keep your apartment cool.
You can prevent “Phantom Juicing” by unplugging your chargers, nightlights, TV auto on, and “Air Wick” plug-it-in air fresheners to save money. B-PECA would like thank Rolando Infante and the folks at Con Edison for a thoroughly informative presentation.

Discovery 4 Justice “D4J”
The members of Discovery for Justice, in conjunction with the Bronx Park East Community Association, is urging newly re-elected Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to include Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson’s Bill to repeal New York State’s Criminal Procedure Law 240 in favor of a new law for Early, Open, and Automatic Discovery in his upcoming budget.
In the coming months, we will lobby our governor and legislature to grant New York’s legal aid attorneys and defense lawyers with an equal chance to properly, zealously defend their clients in their cases. The guilty will be able to plead out and pay their debt to society while those falsely accused will be able to see the evidence against them and/or proof of their innocence. This affects people of all walks of life, regardless of ethnicity and wealth. D4J meets every Tuesday at 1870 Crotona Avenue, near East 176th Street in The Bronx. You can learn more about this fast-growing movement by visiting JOIN US!!!
In Memoriam
This week in memoriam, we remember a special friend of The Bronx; Award winning Journalist & former veteran reporter for the New York Times Jonathan Hicks, 58 from pancreatic Cancer. Jonathan covered NYC politics from Mayor Dinkins’ historic election to Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial third term. He also wrote for the Amsterdam News, anchored the news on BET, and Co-founded a scholarship for aspiring Liberian journalists. Jonathan followed the footsteps of his father, who was Kansas City’s first Black Journalist.
Bronx Senior Wai Kuen Kwok, 61, who was brutally pushed off the D train platform to his death in front of his distraught wife in The Bronx while on their way to Chinatown for Sunday brunch. TV Actor Carol Ann Susi, 62 best known as the voice of the unseen Mrs. Walowitz on “The Big Bang Theory.” of cancer. Motown Soul Singer Jimmy Ruffin, 78, best known for top ten double platinum hit “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.” TV/ Stage Actor Marcia Stassman, 66, played Gabe Kaplan’s wife, Julie Kotter on 70’s hit sitcom “Welcome Back Kotter.” SNL Alum Jan Hooks, 57, also co-starred on “Designing Women.” SNL Legendary Announcer Don Pardo, 96. Controversial, long-time Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, 78. Dominican-born Fashion Icon Oscar de la Renta, 82.
And, Academy, Grammy, and Tony Award Winner Mike Nichols, 83, celebrated director adored by theatergoers and Critics. The German-born director and husband former ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer was responsible for such hits as: “The Graduate, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Carnal Knowledge, Catch-22, The Day of the Dolphin, Silkwood, Working Girl, Biloxi Blues, Postcards from the Edge, Regarding Henry, The Birdcage, Primary Colors, Angels in America, Closer, and Charlie Wilson’s War.” May their spirits Rest in Eternal Peace…
Congratulations & Birthdays
Congratulations to B-PECA and her Chairman Raphael Schweizer for being honored with a plaque by CenterLight at their Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Banquette for our intergenerational work with the seniors and people with disabilities. WAY TO GO B-PECA!!! We want to wish a Happy Birthday to CenterLight’s Carmen Cruz-Lee, Director of Marketing and B-PECA’s Kenny Agosto, newly elected state committeeman of the 78th AD
Coat Drive Time!
B-PECA will be collecting used coats at are next general meeting; Thursday, December 11th at 6:30 pm at CenterLight (Wallerstein) Center 2401 White Plains Road on the corner of Waring Avenue across from Walgreens in The Bronx.
Come! Participate! Defend your neighborhood!
Become a part of the community solution by being a member of “Team B-PECA!” Our yearly membership dues are $20 which entitles you to a cool Team B-PECA t-shirt and a subscription to the Bronx Times Reporter. If you have a question, comment, complaint, or concern you can call/text us at: 347.654.7044. You can also email us at: And, as always, you can follow our odyssey at Until next time, don’t be a”phantom juicer!” Unplug those unused chargers and live and love B-PECA style…

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