Pelham Bay Branch and the NYC Neighborhood Library Awards

FINAL_2014_nomination_form_Page_1 FINAL_2014_nomination_form_Page_2 final_poster

I am writing to you about the NYC Neighborhood Library Awards. In recognition of the important roles that libraries play in collaboration with local groups and organizations to serve their communities, we are looking to award $20,000 each to five outstanding NYC branch libraries. These winning libraries will be chosen based on nominations submitted by members of the public.

We are especially interested in the relationships that libraries have forged with local community groups. We’re hoping you and your colleagues would be willing to nominate it for an NYC Neighborhood Library Award. You can submit a nomination online here: As I mentioned before, individuals can submit one nomination each.

Would you consider helping us spread the word to people in the community who use the library? I’ve attached a flier, poster, and pdf of the nomination form. Would you like us to mail you hard copies of these materials to distribute? We are also accepting nominations in several languages—Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Haitian Creole—would you like to receive digital or hard copy materials in any of these languages?

We would really appreciate if you could help us spread the word through your newsletters, mailing lists, or website. We have streamlined our social media campaign through a platform called Thunderclap; if you click on the following link: you will have the option to lend your support to the Library Awards through either Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler. We would ask that you use your Twitter since that is our main avenue for communication.

Thank you so much for supporting NYC’s public libraries! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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