Coach’s Corner – “Responsible Fatherhood”

Stevan “Coach”  Lynn, who many of you may know as a Bronx Chronicle friend and oft host of our video series, will now be a regular contributor to The Bronx Chronicle.


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“Responsible Fatherhood” A phrase that exudes passionate feelings of either extreme joy & love or unbearable pain & suffering with unfortunately the latter becoming the normal response in families from all walks of life.  Studies upon studies have proven that the lack of a responsible father in the family and by extension the community has devastating affects, substantially increasing the negative statistics associated with virtually all of the social ills plaguing our nation.


A child without a responsible father is more likely to drop out of school, become addicted to drugs, commit suicide, become imprisoned and the list goes on and on, rarely having a positive outcome.  To compound the problem, those who have a despondent father, present only physically in the home are much more likely to become dysfunctional in their ability to establish an identity, socialize with others and develop a thick skin towards ridicule, which in turn creates a human ticking time bomb!


While there are many theories to the causes associated with this phenomenon, researchers, theologians, activists and noted schools of thought all agree,  if not addressed aggressively, comprehensively and creatively, the trend will continue, creating chaos and unrest in seemingly non-threatening situations due to the fact that no father was or is around to act as the voice of reason, discipline or support.


There is hope, and it comes in a surprisingly simple theory of what exactly does responsible fatherhood require to be effective both for the family and equally important, the fathers existence as a productive, fulfilled man.

Coach’s keys to success

Faith: Faith is the building block upon which all other keys are formed. A father must have extreme faith in his children and their future, always keeping a positive attitude and words of encouragement for his offspring to use in times of need.


Sacrifice: This is the binding tie between fathers and their children as his willingness to give his all is consistently shown through deeds not words, giving his children’s dreams a chance to flourish.


Patience: A father’s unwavering patience in the midst of many, many storms creates a calming strength in his children, which will become an intricate part of their personality and spirit.


Commitment: The understanding that responsible fatherhood has no time limit, and if performed right will be a lifetime obligation.  Thank God!


Unconditional Love: The cornerstone of it all! Fathers exhibiting this incredible characteristic develop strong, lasting relationships with their children as no family goes without some hardships and understanding the biblical message; “He who is without sin…cast the first stone”!

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