Free Range Kids – Worst Super Bowl Ad? #Nationwide

Post by Contributor Lenore Skenazy

Yo, Nationwide. That ad you just ran on the Super Bowl? What is it proposing? Parents of dead children just weren’t careful enough?

Way to twist the knife!

One of my favorite comments to this site ever was this: “Most of the time, when something bad happens to a kid, it isn’t because of bad parents, it’s because of bad luck.”

Nationwide seems to suggest that any parent who lets a kid ride a trike to the corner is asking for tragedy.

Maybe it should call itself Damnationwide. Because if anything happens to your child it’s your own damned fault. – L


Lenore Skenazy is the host of the family reality show ” World’s Worst Mom” on the Discovery Life Channel, which started on Jan 22. She is also a public speaker and founder of the book and blog Free-Range Kids

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