Legislative Leanings: Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz on Mixed Martial Arts

Jim Genia- The MMA Journalist

Jim Genia- The MMA Journalist


Writing on his blog, The MMA Journalist, blogger Jim Genia posted responses from state legislators about lifting the ban on professional mixed martials arts (MMA) bouts in New York.


Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz on the MMA bill:

“I have serious concerns about the impact of a sport such as Mixed Martial Arts on the mental and physical health of participants, particularly at a time when we are just beginning to understand the long-term effects of sports-related injuries like concussions. However, as with any other bill that crosses my desk during the legislative session, I will carefully consider the merits of a proposal to legalize the sport.”

Jim Genia, author of RAW COMBAT, is a New York-based journalist who has covered professional and underground MMA shows since 2001. Follow him on Twitter: @jim_genia.



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