Exclusive: New Bronx Democratic County Leader Marcos Crespo’s 1st Interview

Chairman Crespo accepting position after being elected unanimously

Assemblyman Crespo accepting his new chairman position after being elected

As The Bronx Chronicle reported last week, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo was unanimously chosen as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Bronx Democratic County Committee.

Assemblyman Crespo graciously sat down with me for an exclusive interview soon after assuming the county leadership post.

LHG: How do you view your role as County Leader and the role of your officers?

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo: The County Leader role is to quarterback our borough leaders towards a future that delivers on our promise as Democrats for increased opportunities and a better future for our constituents. Through the county organization, its members, and officers we can shape an agenda that addresses the needs of our constituents and creates a strong political strategy to achieve that.

LHG: Do you envision any changes from how Carl functioned as County Chair?

Crespo: Carl was a great County Leader. He was fair and united the borough like never before. That approach won’t change, what may be different is some of the initiatives we launch particularly aimed at getting more young people involved in the political and democratic process.

LHG: Will you support having candidates go through some type of investigatory process regarding their commitment to transparency, outside income and other ethics issues as elected officials prior to being endorsed by BDCC?

Crespo: The Bronx has come a long way and we have very talented young leadership rising through the ranks. It will be imperative that we support candidates who reflect only the best the Bronx has to offer. The process is to be determined but that will be a big part of the criteria when supporting candidates.

LHG: Do you feel that elected officials should separate their religious views from their role as an elected official representing all?

Crespo: We respect everyone’s personal views and beliefs. Our diversity really is a strength not a weakness. Some issues are controversial and deeply rooted in people’s core beliefs. I don’t think that precludes a good dialogue, respecting our opinions and representing our diverse constituencies.

LHG: Would you favor BDCC taking positions on issues confronting our City and State and nation such as affordable housing, immigration, police accountability.

Crespo: There are core issues we have always supported, affordable housing, living wage, health motivators and so much more. However we have to be respectful and cautious with the diversity of opinions out members share.

LHG: Do you support including in the BDCC outreach the transgendered and other groups facing discrimination based on their identity.

Crespo: As a Democratic Organization, we are inclusive of all who seek to serve the community and empower residents and move the Bronx forward, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or self identity. Everyone is welcome and we will look to protect and serve all. And yes that includes the transgender community as well.


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