Proposal Naming School for Former Councilwoman Stirs Controversy

Inappropriate Remarks

Fmr CM Madeline Provenzano

Fmr CM Madeline Provenzano

The Morris Park Community Association is appalled by the self-serving remarks by Van Nest Alliance Vice President Bernadette Ferrara.  Her claims that Councilman James Vacca spoke for 25 minutes to influence the board’s vote is ludicrous. The Education Committee (of Community Board 11) passed a motion unanimously to name the school after (the late) Councilwoman Madeline Provenzano and presented their decision to the full board for consideration. The President of the Van Nest Alliance Shradhanhand Pirtam, a lifelong resident, community activists Linda White and Joe Bombace, all members of the Education Committee, voted in favor of the motion, but I guess only Bernadette speaks for Van Nest.

She was the only dissenting vote at the full board meeting, a board made up of community leaders, many from Van Nest, who are not easily influenced. I guess they just don’t care as much as Bernadette.

Councilman Vacca thanked the Education Committee for their recommendation and explained how much Madeline did for her district and how much she did for the Van Nest community. He did this in response to a letter sent by Bernadette to the board saying Councilwoman Provenzano did nothing for the Van Nest Community. I guess Bernadette wasn’t paying attention.

Ms. Ferrara wasn’t finished yet, after downplaying the Councilwoman’s contributions, she accused the neighboring association (The Morris Park Community Association) of not supporting the Van Nest Community. Can someone please let Ms. Ferrara know she is not Van Nest.

The Association voted with all the other Van Nest residents and the board to name the new school in honor of Madeline Provenzano’s dedication to the Van Nest community.

Al D’Angelo
Vice Chair CB 11
Ist VP Morris Park Community Association
Over 40 years of community service to Morris Park.

[Editor’s note: Madeline Provenzano was a beacon of civic life and an active east Bronx councilwoman and political activist who passed away in December 2014.]
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