DC37, City Reach Living Wage Agreement

District Council 37 leaders and city officials have agreed to a living wage for thousands of public service workers previously earning $10 per hour or less. Union and city officials recently signed a memorandum of understanding that boosts wages to $11.50 per hour for up to 4,500 DC 37 members in three low-wage job titles. “Our members are on the front lines of public service, yet too many have been trapped by low-pay in the city they work hard for,” said DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido. “These long-overdue, well-deserved increases will help ease that burden. This agreement is part of DC 37’s commitment to achieving a living wage for all city employees. We will not rest until that goal is met.” 

The agreement takes effect on April 1st and will increase the wages of approximately 2,500 Job Training Participants and more than 350 School Crossing Guards. City Seasonal Aides will also get raises, Garrido said. 

Shaun D. Francois I, president of Board of Education Employees Local 372, which represents School Crossing Guards, said, “This is only the beginning of the fight for a living wage for all. We have been fighting for this for over ten years, through three Local 372 presidents. I want to praise Henry Garrido for his sharp focus on this, working with us and other locals on this issue.” 

Local 983 Motor Vehicle Operators President Joe Puleo, who represents City Seasonal Aides, cited the importance of a living wage for city workers.  “A city job should be a way out of poverty, not a means to ensure it,” Puleo said. 

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