Assemblyman Gjonaj Hosts Women of Distinction Breakfast

Women of Distinction Honored in the 80th Assembly District

by Koi Germany


A number of female community leaders were honored this past Saturday at a breakfast ceremony at F&J Pine Restaurant in the Bronxdale section of the Bronx. Hosted by Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, the celebration comes as Women’s History Month drew to a close.


Kicking off the event with some opening remarks, Assemblyman Gjonaj gave praised the power of women and their immense contribution to a healthy society. He then proceeded to thank the women in his own life for their support, among which included his wife, sister and campaign coordinator, all in attendance.


As he ended with a few humorous quips, the assemblyman handed off the microphone to keynote speaker, Hon. Judge Llinet Rosado, who conveyed her own sentiments on the strength and importance of women in the community.


Drawing upon her life experience, she told the story of her upbringing by a single mother, who instilled her devout belief in education and personal betterment in her four daughters. In highlighting its lasting impact on her career and future successes, she fell back upon a single quote: “Education is the biggest weapon is our arsenal.”


Nathalia Fernandez, political coordinator for Gjonaj, took to the podium to read the stories of the honorees and their individual triumphs and accomplishments.


Honorees included Ms. Edith Blitzer, chair of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association and former co-chair of the Parks and Recreations Committee to Ms. Ruth Mastro, Director of Business at Assisted Living Communities of Amber Court in the Bronx. Each honoree had in some way been instrumental in the improvement of their respective neighborhoods.


To thunderous applause, Assemblyman Gjonaj  offered warm congratulations to all the honorees, before wishing his chief of staff, Renee, a happy birthday.


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