Monroe College hosts Female Empowerment Event

Sade Baderinwa of WABC-TV delivers keynote

On Thursday, March 26, Monroe College held Inspire to Aspire, its third annual female empowerment event for more than 300 high school girls in the Mintz Auditorium on the college’s Bronx campus.  The girls were guided through empowering activities like sharing inspirations, setting personal and educational goals, and meeting with women from a variety of professions for intimate discussions on staying healthy, dealing with personal setbacks, the importance of education, and how to ultimately succeed in life.

Sade Baderinwa_WABC-TV

The morning’s highlight was the powerful keynote address by WABC-TV news anchor Sade Baderinwa who talked about her own achievements in the face of adversity. Ms. Baderinwa advised the young women to be smart with their money and to be unafraid to talk about money.



“Life is always going to give you roadblocks and it is how you deal with them and how you respond,” she said.  “You have to be nimble and have some grit.  Be daring and be bold.  It’s about your spirit and your integrity.  Trust the people who encourage you and help you live your dreams.”

Aspire to Inspire_Sade Baderinwa_WABC-TV

Afterwards she took questions from the girls and generously spent time greeting them individually and taking photos with them.

Aspire to Inspire_Sade Baderinwa_Students

Participating high schools included Mott Hall HS, Media and Communication, the College Academy, Truman HS, Bronx Latin, New Visions Charter HS for Humanities, HS for Contemporary Arts, BCC Prep, and Brooklyn Generations.


“Our team did an amazing job in setting up and running today’s event,” said Dr. Cecil Wright, Director of Admissions.  “Because of the range of interactions with role models, expressive activities, and certainly Ms. Baderinwa’s impassioned keynote, the girls left with an uplifting feeling, that they will be able to overcome anything that’s put in their way.”

Aspire to Inspire_Mentor-1

Ms. Baderinwa said she would donate the honorarium she received to Get Reel with your Dreams, her foundation that provides scholarships and opportunities in media, film, and the arts.


Monroe will host a similar event for hundreds of high school boys, Stand… for epic impact!, the annual Male Empowerment event on April 23.

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