Letters to the Editor: Retort for School Naming Controversy from Van Nest Resident

Retort to Mr. D’Angelo

As a life long resident, born and raised in lower Van Nest, I personally take offense to Mr. D’Angelo’s allegations toward Ms. Ferrara. It is perfectly fine to disagree with someone, but Mr. D’Angelo did it in a very divisive and disrespectful way; especially towards a fellow board member.

As a resident of Van Nest (below Bronxdale) I can attest to the fact that Madeline Provenzano’s name was not a familiar one in my neck of the woods (can’t recall anything that was done for us in lower Van Nest by her). Although, this does not negate the good that she might have done for upper Morris Park and Country Club. Nevertheless, this only reinforces the fact that upper Van Nest and Morris Park have always considered us to be a step child and someone not to be contended with.

Unfortunately, it would have been appropriate and nice if Mr. Vacca had asked the residents who frequent the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance meetings for their input instead of making the decision for us. Personally, I can think of two names (both women whom St. Dominic’s could be named after): the very first principal of Saint Dominic that brought the school to fruition and the last principal who fought very long and hard to keep the school viable Were we asked and included in the decision making? NO! Those who voted in favor with Mr. Vacca could have done so out of fear and not wanted to thwart him. Again, this does not negate the good that he has done for his community.

Personally, I have known Bernadette for almost 20 years. She has single handedly brought Van Nest back to life. She is very informed and has worked very hard for us who reside in her community. Why did Mr. D’Angelo feel the need to castigate and show such disrespect towards her in a public forum? Is it because she is a woman and therefore doesn’t meet the same criteria as a man?

You can disagree, but be a bit more respectful, Mr. D’Angelo. Remember, “what goes around, comes around”. Try walking in lower Van Nest’s shoes for a change.

End of discussion, case closed!

Kathy Canzoniero Sr.
Former Saint Dominic School Teacher

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