#Not62: March for Babies – Sunday, April 26th



The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

"Every year, we raise money to help save babies lives by raising funds to support our local Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine," said James F. Rodriguez of the Herbert H. Lehman HS Lions

Rodriguez says that donations will help the team Herbert H. Lehman HS Lions reach their goal of raising funds for babies born prematurely.

"The easiest and most efficient way to donate is online. Please take a moment to join our Team Lions and make an online donation with a credit or debit card," said Rodriguez. 

Join the Lady Lions Cheerleaders on Sunday, April 26th as they perform spirit routines at the March of Dimes March for Babies Walkaton Opening Ceremony on 62nd Street & Columbus Ave.

To learn more about the Lehman HS Lions Spirit team and why they and Mr. Rodriguez are walking, persons interested in helping are invited to visit their team Web page at http://www.marchforbabies.org/team/t2253499. Click the link to see their video here. 

Persons wanting to learn more about March for Babies should visit the Web site
at www.marchforbabies.org<http://www.marchforbabies.org.
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