Parkchester Resident Earns Valedictorian Honors at Bronx Science, Now Headed to MIT

Bronx Science valedictorian will attend MIT in the Fall

KT Parchester Director Fahim Rofique and Tabrez Alam (1)

Bronx Science senior and valedictorian, Tabrez Alam (on the right).


Tabrez Alam, a resident of Parkchester and a Bangladeshi-American,  recently received word that he would be graduating as valedictorian at the fabled Bronx High School of Science with a GPA of 97.88.

Like many who learned of Tabriz’s accomplishments, Assemblyman Sepúlveda shared the similar hope that Tabriz serves as an example to all the students in the Bronx and an example of what an education can do for them.

“I wish Tabrez Alam the best of luck representing the Bronx next year at MIT. He is a great example of the talent that exists here in the Bronx. I hope that when he is done with his education, he returns to our community and helps to make it the greatest place in the world to live,” said Assemblyman Luis Sepúlveda (D-Parkchester).

In the fall, Tabrez will be attending his dream school and number 1 choice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Beyond MIT, Tabrez also gained acceptance to a few Ivy League schools, including Columbia University, Brown University and Cornell University.

“Having grown up here, I have heard of Bangladeshi New Yorkers earning valedictorian honors at local zone high schools, but never in my life have I enjoyed the news of a Bangladeshi student becoming valedictorian at Stuyvesant, Bronx Science or Brooklyn Tech,” said Dr. Ivan Khan, president of Khan Tutorial (KT). Young Alam was a student at Khan Tutorial.

Tabrez also gained acceptance to SUNY Downstate’s BAMD Program at Brooklyn College and Union College’s BAMD Medical Program. Both of these programs are incredibly hard to get into and acceptance is just as competitive if not more competitive than some Ivy Leagues.

“We are definitely happy about Tabrez’s huge achievement. In addition to his hard work, we share a lot of the credit with the team members at Khan’s Tutorial where Tabrez has been a student since the 6th grade for his Citywide Exams, for the SHSAT, and later for the SAT,” said Md Makidul Alam, IT Regional Director, NYC HHC and father of Tabrez Alam.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Tabrez was also involved in 3 years of research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he primarily focused on structural anatomy. At Albert Einstein, Tabrez had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Overing who he considers his research mentor. His 3 years of research culminated at the International Experimental Biology Conference of 2015 Boston Expo. At this conference, which is attended by 14,000 scientists from around the world, Tabrez was recognized as a Junior Scientist. Given Tabrez’s dream of attending MIT this was a very high achievement for him personally.

Tabrez Alam and his father, Md. Makidul Alam.

Tabrez Alam and his father, Md. Makidul Alam.

After speaking with Tabrez’s father, he offered several pieces of advice to parents. In essence, kids need proper guidance which starts at home. Tabrez’s parents made sure to be incredibly involved in his childhood and education and looked to other organizations for extra help as he grew up.

Tabrez was a Khan’s Tutorial students for his Citywide exams, SHSAT Guidance from KT Bronx teachers, and then later on for the SAT program which helped him earn a near perfect score of 2310. Additionally, he was closely mentored by Dr. Mansur Khan and Bronx Branch Directors Sajed Chowdhury and Fahim Rofique.

“We’re so proud of the hard work Tabrez and his family have put into his amazing accomplishments. We really hope that other KT Specialized High School students can follow in his footsteps and put the extra work in to earn similar achievements one day,” said Dr. Ivan Khan.

Assemblyman Sepúlveda also credited Khan’s Tutorial saying that the organization “has done incredible work in my district, and the success of Tabrez Alam is evidence of that.”

Tabrez attended Khan Tutorial Bronx for his Citywide Exams, for SHSAT classes to help gain acceptance to Bronx Science, and later SAT classes. Last year he received our SAT Top Scorer Award and an iPad Mini at our Achievement Awards Ceremony for scoring a near perfect 2310. Tabriz serves as a mentor to KT Bronx’s current high school students.

For the past 20 years, Khan’s Tutorial’s mission has been to bring quality education at affordable costs. With 10 locations in the outer boroughs of New York City, including Brooklyn, Castle Hill, Parkchester, Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Sutphin, Richmond Hill, Astoria, Ozone Park, and Floral Park, Khan’s Tutorial primarily serves in assisting families in low-income neighborhoods.


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