Political Round Up — Cuomo, Klein, Serrano, Diaz

Governor Cuomo is in New York City today after attending the Kings County Democrats shindig last night.

* * * 

Governor Andrew Cuomo endorsed Councilman Vinnie Gentile’s campaign for Congress NY-11 (Bklyn/SI) on Thursday, a week after suggesting he would stay out of the race.

* * * 

Serrano Opposes House Republicans Budget Conference Report

“The bill’s $5.5 trillion in spending cuts focus mostly on Republican’s favorite targets, programs crucial to low-income families and the middle class: health care programs, funding for higher education, assistance for the families that need it the most, and infrastructure investment. A truly balanced budget would raise new revenue by putting in place a tax system that requires everyone to pay their fair share.”


“By locking in sequester level spending, Republicans are preventing our government from investing in the programs that many Americans depend upon, from Section 8 housing to SNAP benefits to legal services.  It prevents our nation from properly investing in infrastructure, research, and education that help create jobs and drive our economy.  It is short-sighted and deeply harmful to our nation.”
“The Republicans have shown once again whose side they are on – big money and special interests.”

* * *

Klein and City Officials Announce $1 Million Study to Reduce Congestion at Hutch Metro Center 

The $1 million study will examine and develop a plan to construct a new southbound access ramp to the Hutch Metro Center via the Hutchinson River Parkway, as well as build a service road and two-way public street connecting to the complex.

Senator Jeff Klein was joined by NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, Councilman James Vacca, President and COO of the Hutch Metro Center Joe Kelleher, Community Boards 10 and 11, local activists and community groups.

* * * 

Bronx Week 2015 Kick-Off

On Sunday, May 3rd, Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. will host an outdoor food, music and art festival at the Bronx General Post Office to kick-off Bronx Week 2015.  The festival will be held on Anthony J. Griffin Place, on the east side the Bronx GPO building.


The Bronx Week Kick-off “block party,” hosted by Youngwoo and Associates and the Bristol Group, the developers of the Bronx Post Office site, will enable the community to learn about the inventive plans for this unique space, and will celebrate Bronx culture and entrepreneurship.


This year’s 2015 Bronx Walk of Fame inductees include Malik Yoba, Dolph Schayes, Stacey Dash, and posthumously, Alfredo Thiebaud, the founder of Delicioso Coco Helado.

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