Bronx Legionnaires’ Disease Lawsuit Filed in Co-Op City Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak


Co-op CityA man critically injured in the Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in the Bronx last year has filed suit, charging his injuries were a direct result of carelessness and negligence on the part of the companies responsible for keeping the property safe. Ralph Moffa was diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease that caused life- threatening respiratory failure, septic shock and acute kidney injury with rhabdomyolysis. As of April 24, Mr. Moffa has remained hospitalized after spending more than fifteen weeks in intensive care units.


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The lawsuit stems from the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in the Co-Op housing development that was first reported in December, 2014. The suit claims that Mr. Moffa was installing flooring at Bay Plaza Chiropractic in Co-Op City where he was exposed to Legionella infected water from the Co-Op City power plant’s cooling towers across the street. The lawsuit alleges Riverbay Corporation and its managing agent, Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc. failed to properly inspect and maintain the buildings in order to protect residents and workers.

In the court documents, the suit alleges that the Riverbay Corporation and its managers knew before December 1, 2014 that there were diagnoses of Legionnaires’ disease in the area and that the cooling towers were contaminated, but failed to take the actions necessary to protect the public. The Co-Op City power plant was closed so the systems could be decontaminated in January. At least 8 cases of Legionnaires’ disease are attributed to the Co-Op City contamination.

Mr. Moffa and his wife, Laura are Plaintiffs in the complaint filed in State Supreme Court here in the Bronx. Attorneys Ernest Cory of law firm Cory Watson, P.C. and Michael A. London and Gary J. Douglas of law firm Douglas & London, P.C. are representing Mr. Moffa and others injured in the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak.

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