Cuomo plans rent control rally – UPDATED

According a report in Capital New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning a rally in support of tougher rent regulations, with aides reaching out to officials about attending the event even as tenant groups question his commitment to the issue.

“I’m fighting not just to renew the rent laws, but also to improve and expand them,” Cuomo said. “We lose about 10,000 units per year. Now, it’s a very technical program, but I believe we can make modifications that reduce the number of units that we lose from the system.”

Initial reports had the Cuomo rent control rally scheduled for Thursday but Cuomo will be attending a memorial service in honor of the late Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joseph Biden in Dover, Delaware this afternoon.

The current session of the Legislature ends June 18.

UPDATE: Cuomo has canceled today’s planned rent control rally, and will instead travel to Delaware for the memorial to Beau Biden.

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