Meet Soap Diva Miss Susan Lucci


Bronx Photographer Miriam Quin meets Susan Lucci ( Erica Kane from All My Children) in Little Italy in Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

Here is Miriam Quin’s account of her encounter with Ms. Lucci:

What an amazing weekend I had. First, I covered E.C. Salsero, Mr. Puerto Rico 2013 amazing video shoot with a very nice and friendly crowd on Coster Street in Hunts Point. But I had to leave in the middle of the shoot to work another assignment on Arthur Avenue in Belmont.

Then wehile I was looking around for the Mayor of Naples, Italy who was also visiting Arthur Avenue, I spotted soap opera diva Susan Lucci (who played bad girl Erica Kane on ABC-TV’s All My Children) entering the Blue Restaurant. I said to my friend, “Oh my God that’s Erica from All My Children!”

Susan Lucci looks at me with a big smile when I ask her if she was “Erica.” And she gushed, “yes, yes.” I asked if I could hug her and take a picture with her. She answered, “Oh yes. Of course.” I asked her husband if he was her husband because he look like him. Even I had to laugh at myself for that. Naturally, he said, “Oh yes. I would never let her go out alone.” They were both sweethearts.

I still cannot believe it but my photo proves I really did see and meet soap opera legend Susan Lucci. She looks the same way she does on TV and much, much more beautiful.

[Photo By Miriam Quin Photography]
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