Bronx Little Italy Celebrates the Feast of Saint Anthony

20150611_195920Despite the threat of thunderstorms predicted for the end of the week, the white tents and brightly lit rides still went up for the Feast of Saint Anthony.

Normal city streets were closed off for five days (from June 10th to the 14th) and transformed into a festive atmosphere. Along East 187th from Beaumont Avenue to Arthur Avenue were tents where one could find different types of food and drink as well as clothing and trinkets. While bbq smoke filled the air, one could easily get a side of broccoli rabe sauteed in garlic, oil, and red pepper. A Ferris wheel and other rides filled the intersections of Cambreleng Avenue and Crescent Avenue.

The feast of Saint Anthony is for Saint Anthony of Padua who was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order. He is the patron saint of finding things or lost people. He died in Padua, Italy on June 13, 1231.


At the side of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was the Giglio, a 50 foot hand-made wooden structure. In between carved cherubs and golden ribbon are paintings that depict Saint Anthony, Mary with the baby Jesus, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel. In a procession called, “The Dancing of the Giglio”, band members play on top of the wooden structure while it is carried through the streets by 100 lifters who perform ceremonial maneuvers.

Below is video of “The Dancing of the Giglio” in 2013:

(Video from Fabintro Youtube channel)

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