Passion Project “From One Youth To Another”

On Friday, June 26, 2015 Julie Itwaru of P.S. 182 took a “Passion Project” out side the doors of her class room and to the Jacobi Medical Center where she delivered over 20 packages to the youth for a speedy recovery.

At 10 years old, Julie enjoys creating things, playing volley ball and attending the Bharati Dance Academy with her sisters Tiffani and Abigail. With the help of her mom Shelly, Julie  put together coloring books, stickers, toy cars, plush toys, pencils, crayons, notebook and various other goodies for kids of all ages.


“Julie wanted to do this for the kids and like any mother would, I did all I could to make my child happy by allowing her to put smiles on the faces of the youth who just need a little sunshine in their day,” said Shelly Itwaru.

“This is an opportunity to not only give back but to show our community that we are never too young or old to do what we can for others,” stated Bharati S. Kemraj, Julie’s Bollywood Dance Teacher. “John Doyle and the other staff members at Jacobi were very kind in allowing Julie and her family to visit and give the young patients a basket to cheer them up.”DSC_0383

Julie left the hospital feeling cheerful and said she would do it again very soon and encourages everyone to give a little…


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