Macy’s and Donald Trump

What You Should Know
By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz
32nd Senatorial District

Macy’s and Donald Trump

You should know that it is ironic how people can react in different occasions.

Some time ago I remember that I, along with Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda organized a demonstration in front of Macy’s in Parkchester due to the gross discrimination that Macy’s was conducting against Black and Hispanic residents of New York City.

As you may recall, Macy’s had a jail detention cell in their stores where Black and Hispanic New Yorkers were subjected to illegal search and detention on the suspicion of shoplifting. The humiliation Macy’s caused to Black and Hispanic shoppers was very serious.  Even the Reverend Al Sharpton met with executives from Macy’s to do away with this policy of racially profiling.

Now, Macy’s has blocked Donald Trump from their stores for the insulting remarks he cast against Mexicans. (And we don’t even know how many Mexicans were racially profiled while shopping at Macy’s.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am glad that Macy’s has seen the light, but they never apologized for what they did to the Black and Hispanic community.

I am Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.

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