On Wednesday, July 15, EF Sports hosted the 4th Annual All-Star Basketball Charity Game, spreading importance of community, youth and raising awareness on elder abuse. Over 150 community members, seniors, businesses, youth, clergy and elected officials were in attendance. The program started off with the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Sarad Dilchand and included a basketball game, featuring two teams of working men from different city agencies.

“The level of competition for this game is beyond what I have ever seen in the years that we have held the company’s all-star charity games. The players brought to the courts their skills, talent and unique moves. We are extremely proud of their efforts to not only play a great game but to take the time to give back to the community and youth,” said Eliu Feliciano, Owner of EF Sports, Inc. “The youth are looking at these players and they are able to interact with them on a one on one basis. Something that they may never be able to do with the celebrities they see on television,” added Bharati S. Kemraj, Founder of the Bharati Dance Academy.

EF Sports and the Bharati Dance Academy honored Juan Gabriel de Jesus, Andrea Siegel, Miriam Quinones, Luis Torres, Bishop Angelo Rosario, Miriam Sanchez and Reverend Carmen Hernandez for their Breathtaking Effectiveness (BE) in making their community a better place to live. In addition to the honorees, the companies launched the Beyond Academic Enrichment (BAE) scholarship stipend in the amount of $250 that was presented to 14 year-old Reggie Dennis for his outstanding work on and off the courts.

“I am honored to be here to do the tip-off for the all-star game, raise awareness on elder abuse and also to witness the launch of the BAE scholarship stipend and the honoring of seniors and community members with the BE recognitions,” said Assembly Member Michael Blake. “Our seniors and youth needs this type of community events and to be around people who truly care about making a difference. I even got to see a few of my classmates who are playing in the game so all together it is just a great day,” he added.

The half time show featured several artists including Tony Smith, an accomplished saxophonist with over 30 years of experience; Annalise Azadian, a 17 year old singer/songwriter/musician who plays the guitar, piano and has been a contestant on American Idol; Malcolm aka Troubled Mal, a talented young rapper with a passion for the arts and La Bruja, Bronx-born performer and spoken word poet.

Bishop Rosario and La Bruja spoke about the importance of taking care of the seniors saying that elder abuse comes in many different forms including emotional, financial and physical abuse and it is not always considered a crime or reported. They encouraged anyone who notices abuse of any kind should not stay quiet and say something. “No one, especially our seniors deserves to be mistreated and it is up to each of us to keep our eyes and ears open to such mistreatment and take action, “ said Juan Gabriel de Jesus, owner of JG Elite Consulting Group.

Throughout the event Krishna Kemraj, brothers Elijah and Jeremiah Perez and several youth were the keepers of the scores and managed the table for the game while various vendors took to the crowd information about their organizations including complementary giveaways and healthy snacks.

“I enjoy being here as I do each time EF Sports and the Bharat Dance Academy puts on an event and I look forward to the next one. It is always a positive thing to have such guidance of good hearted people in our community. Eliu and Bharati are doing a magnificent job and I support them,” said Andrea Siegel of Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association.

Promoting the event live on BronxNet television on the Open Show with Host, Dr. Bob Lee:



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