Religious Freedom, Soul Effigies & the Legacy of the Civil War: August and Sept. events at St. Paul’s Church N.H.S.

St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site
897 South Columbus Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY
Special free Programs in August & September 2015
Sat., August 8, open from Noon to 4 PM
Religious Freedom in Colonial America
At 1 PM, Professor Laura Chmielewski of SUNY Purchase explores the parameters of religious freedom and toleration in colonial America, helping to illuminate one of the themes raised in the site’s current feature exhibition, “Intrigue on the Village Green: The Election of 1733 at St. Paul’s”.  Among Professor Chmielewski’s works is the 2011 book, The Spice of Popery: Converging Christianities on an Early American Frontier”.
Wed., Aug. 19, 1 PM
Why do Men Write?: The Authors of St. Paul’s
A presentation exploring the lives and writings of three authors buried at St. Paul’s  —  Frederick Whittaker, a leading 19th century dime novelist;  Matthew Graham, a Civil War veteran and regimental historian; Lyon Boston, a prominent 20th century lawyer who wrote a personal memoir.
Monday, Sept 7, Labor Day Commemoration
We’re open regular hours, 9 AM to 5 PM, with tours throughout the day recalling the various occupations over the centuries of men and women interred in the historic cemetery.  There’s also a 1 PM presentation in the museum about the history of Labor Day.
Th., Sept. 3, First Thursdays at St. Paul’s, open from 1 to 9 PM
Soul effigies on Colonial Gravestones:  Religious Symbolism, or Reflections of Fashion and Status? a talk by Prof. Adam Heinrich of Monmouth University
Sat., Sept. 12, open from Noon to 4 PM
The Legacy of the Civil War    
At 1 PM, Professor Adrienne Petty of City College explores the significance, aftermath and legacy of the Civil War, helping to culminate the site’s recognition of the sesquicentennial of the national conflict of 1861-1865.   Dr. Petty’s publications include, Standing Their Ground: Small Farmers in North Carolina Since the Civil War, published in 2013.  
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