‘Gentleman’ Council Member Celebrates National Bow Tie Day

Photo Credit: Office of Council Member Andy King

Photo Credit: Office of Council Member Andy King


Bronx Councilman Andy King — best known for his dapper dress style and bow ties – treated members of his Bronx staff to bow tie shopping in celebration of National Bow Tie Day on August 28.

At JCPenney’s in the Mall At Bay Plaza, Bronx, sales associates specializing in bow ties consulted with Councilman King and his staff on various selections. Said Council Member King, “A man who can tie his own bow tie is a man who has class. My first bow tie put my thumbs in a spin but after I remember what my grandpa taught me, ‘visualize it like you’re tying a shoelace … if you can visualize it you can get there.’ I’m glad to say that thanks to grandpa I found a classic piece of a wardrobe that allows me to remember what it is to be a gentleman.”

Many different types of men — such as lawyers, academics, doctors, hipsters, and frat boys — wear bow ties. Some prominent, influential, and powerful men are members of this select fellowship. It includes many notable sports figures like Dhani Jones, retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Master Chef Junior champ Logan Guleff, and fictional characters like two Doctors from Doctor Who, Sesame Street‘s Mr. Hooper, and NCIS‘s Donald Mallard.

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