PS 106 School Supplies Event Hosted By AM Sepulveda

300 backpacks and back-to-school supplies distributed last Saturday at Caserta Playground ‘Family Fun’ celebration



Over 400 people attended a back-to-school celebration and free school supplies giveaway held last Saturday at Caserta Playground which was jointly sponsored by Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda and the PTA of PS X106. Nearly 300 elementary school-age children received a slew of free school supplies — including backpacks, notebooks, pencil cases, and pens and pencils at the event.

“It is really gratifying to have had so many families and young learners participate,” said Sepulveda, who gave special thanks “for the dedication, hard work, and leadership of PS X106’s PTA as well as those generous and community-minded corporate sponsors who made the event possible — St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, WellCare, United Healthcare, Apple Bank, MCU, TD Bank, Key Food, and Staples.

LS-SCHOOLSUPPLIESEVENT_PIC4“The beginning of the school year is exciting but can also be challenging,” added Sepulveda. “Supplies are costly, and many of our families are on really tight budgets. That’s why the PTA and I are so pleased that these children are ready for school, prepared and eager to learn, and equipped with shiny, brand new supplies, and at no cost to their parents. This community always comes together to put kids’ interest first,” Sepulveda concluded.

LS-SCHOOLSUPPLIESEVENT_PIC3“The Back to School celebration was a huge success. We were able to give close to 300 school supply packages to the children throughout the Parkchester community. It was beautiful to witness the joining of so many diverse groups of people in order to collaborate on an event that would benefit the community. The parents and volunteers are especially grateful to Assemblyman Sepúlveda for his generous contributions to the event.  Without his assistance, a lot of our success would not have been possible. This event epitomized the concept of community. For next year’s event, we hope more local sponsors will participate and we hope more of those who live in the community will play an active role in the celebration,” said Diana Neverson, President of the PTA of PS X106.

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