WYSK: A Mistake For Cuomo To Ignore PR’s New Progressive Party Leaders

By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz
District 32 Bronx County

It Will Be a Mistake for Governor Andrew Cuomo To Not Meet with the New Progressive Party Leaders

You should know that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo will be traveling to Puerto Rico next week with a delegation of Hispanic leaders to show support for the economic crisis that Puerto Rico is going through.

As a Puerto Rican who was born in Sector La Cuchilla, Hato Tejas, Bayamon, I am especially proud of and grateful to the Governor for his show of support for my brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.  

However, I have just learned that Governor Andrew Cuomo is only planning to meet with the Governor and leaders of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) and not with leaders of the New Progressive Party (PNP).

If this rumor is true, as a Puerto Rican and a follower of the New Progressive Party (PNP) that sympathizes with the Statehood of Puerto Rico, I believe that it will be a great mistake for Governor Cuomo to travel to Puerto Rico and not meet with the leaders of the New Progressive Party and with the Federation of Mayors.

You should know that the two major political parties in Puerto Rico are the New Progressive Party (Partido Nuevo Progresista) (PNP) and the Popular Democratic Party (Partido Popular Democrático) (PPD).  The Mayors elected under the New Progressive banner are called  Federation of Mayors, and the Mayors elected under the Popular Democratic Party banner are called the Association of Mayors.  

You should also know that in Puerto Rico there are currently 47 Mayors affiliated with the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), and 31 Mayors affiliated with the New Progressive Party (PNP).

While Governor Andrew Cuomo is in Puerto Rico, I believe he should not only meet with the leaders of the Popular Democratic Party, but that he should make every effort and room in his schedule to meet with the New Progressive Party leaders.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am confident that those leaders who are traveling with the Governor on this historic trip have already advised the Governor of this very sensitive and important political situation.  

During this trip, New York’s Governor should avoid his good intentions as being perceived as being partisan.

I am State Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.

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