Times Square ‘Desnudas’ Charged With Drug Dealing, Prostitution

Times Square DesnudasPIX11 News is reporting that police arrested one of Times Square’s “Painted Ladies” along with an alleged drug-dealing associate in a sting Wednesday, according to police. And Newschannel 4 is reported that the same topless, ‘desnudas’ has been arrested on prostitution charges.

Police say undercover officers struck up a conversation with Destiny Romero on Wednesday night near West 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue. They say she introduced them to a man who offered to sell them drugs.

Police say that when the undercover officers and the suspects went to another location to complete the drug deal, Romero agreed to have sex with one of the officers in exchange for cash.

The Bronx woman’s arrest comes amid concerns that topless women who paint their breasts red, white and blue and seek tips are tarnishing Times Square’s “wholesome” image.

Undercover officers started chatting with the topless performer around 9:00 p.m.  The woman, identified as Destiny Romero, introduced the two officers to 22-year-old Jason Perez, police said.

Romero and Perez are accused of selling the officers cocaine and five pills of “Molly,” or MDMA.

Mayor de Blasio has set up a task force to examine the problem. The mayor expects to have results from the task force’s findings by October. In the meantime, police have beefed up their presence with more than 100 officers in Times Square.

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