WYSK: What’s Going On At the New York State Nursing Board? 

By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz
District 32 Bronx

What Is Going On At the New York State Nursing Board? 


You should know that on February 19, 2014, Mr. Nanic  Aidasani, LPN was arrested for allegedly raping a 64-year old female dementia patient at the Manhatttanville Health Care Center on West 231st Street in the Bronx, where he worked.

As the Ranking Member of the New York State Senate Committee on Aging, I personally followed this case and held prayer rallies outside of the Court building. My fellow ministers from the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization and I sat with family members to offer our support during the pain-filled court proceedings.

You should also know that on February 25, 2015, Mr. Nanic Aidasani pleaded guilty in Bronx Supreme Court to endangering the welfare of an elderly person and sex abuse. Under the terms of the plea arrangement, Mr. Aidasani was sentenced to 6 months in jail. He was supposed to be stripped of his nursing license and register as a state sex offender.

It has come to my attention that not only has Mr. Aidasani finished serving his sentence and been released from prison, but the New York State
Nursing Board continues to list Mr. Aidasani as a licensed nurse in New York State.

My dear reader, even though officials documents that were submitted by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office show that the New York State Nursing Board was informed of his rape conviction, Mr. Aidasani can still practice as a nurse here in New York State.

After reviewing these facts, I am calling upon the New York State Nursing Board to immediately revoke Mr. Aidasani’s license.  In addition, I am
calling for a thorough investigation of the New York State Nursing Board in regard to this case and any other complaints that have been ignored in regard to the revocation of licenses of dangerous and violent convicted persons.

I must qualify that this is not intended to mar the reputation of thousands of licensed nurses throughout New York State who provide professional and quality care for those in need,  but I must ask: what is going on at the New York State Nursing Board if a convicted rapist can slip through and remain in good standing, placing our family members and loved ones at risk?

I am Senator Reverend  Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.

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