Rob Siano, Bronx GOP District Attorney Candidate To Kick Off Uphill Fight

Tomorrow Wednesday, October 14, Robert Siano, Republican candidate for Bronx District Attorney will formally kick off his campaign at 6:30 PM at the Bronx Republican Party HQ,  3029 Middletown Road, Bronx.

Bronx GOP Supreme Court candidates are also expected participate.

Last month, Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson caused a political firestorm when he announced his decision to seek a Supreme Court nomination. Bronx Democrats obliged him with a nomination and were able to substitute Judge Darcel D. Clark. Clark, a former Bronx prosecutor, was spared what many observers believe would have been a contentious primary battle.

Siano is expected to present his campaign plan and the issues. In an email, county chairman John Greaney said with a sense of urgency, “Election Day is only a few weeks away and we have to hit the ground running.”

“The Bronx Republican Party Team is the best, and let’s all show our support for a fantastic candidate for Bronx District Attorney,” he added in his email to party leaders and supporters.

Republican Robert Siano faces a steep challenge in a borough where Democratic party enrollment is eleven times greater. The Bronx presently has no Republicans holding elected office. The late state senator Guy Vellela was the last GOP elected official.

Light refreshments will be served.

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