Bronx Pets – Felix & Oscar

Welcome to another edition of Bronx Pets! It’s time to let your stress melt away and say, “Aw”.

Meet Felix and Oscar!

Oscar and Felix

Name: Oscar (white with brown spots) and Felix (all white)

Owner: Debbie

Favorite Activity: Eating, sleeping, and chewing on their toys, as long as they are doing it together.

These two inseparable cuties were rescued by Willy’s Wabbits in New Jersey. Oscar and Felix love to groom each other, dine on a bowl of salad greens, and are obsessed with bananas! But life wasn’t always easy for these two bunnies, “When I first got them in February, I couldn’t even pet them because they were so scared.” explained bunny momma, Debbie. “But now they come up for treats and I can pet them. They also have complete freedom in the house.” It is clear that Oscar and Felix now have a second chance on life, you go Debbie!

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