Editorial: Save Lives, Stop Crime



All across New York City, people are sending condolences to the family and friends of Officer Randolph Holder, a 33-year-old police officer with five years of service in the NYPD. Holder was killed in the line of duty Tuesday night, protecting and defending the city that he cared for so much. My thoughts and prayers are with his colleagues at PSA 5, his family, his friends and the entire NYPD in their time of mourning.

Tragically, Officer Holder is third of the four cops shot and killed in New York City in the past eleven months who have been of color.

All lives matter regardless of skin or uniform color.

The enemy of all lives is criminality, ignorance, poverty, miseducation, racism, and sociopathic disregard for society and social order. Randolph Holder came from three generations of police officers. He became a police officer to secure our streets and combat the products of our society’s ills.

Officer Holder’s accused killer is a career menace with long rap sheet who should have been sitting on Rikers Island on a felony gun charge, instead of allowed on our streets by a lunkhead judge

If we are going to politicize the murders of police officers, innocent students at the hands of armed madmen, victims of police brutality, we must also politicize the conditions that breed armed sociopaths. Not only should we go after the illegal gun traffickers and their allies in Congress, we must pursue justice and just outcomes in our courtrooms, classrooms, workplaces and corporate boardrooms.

The upcoming election of the first new Bronx District Attorney in a generation gives the public ample opportunity to make sure that the right person is elected to pursue criminals, gangbangers, drug and gun traffickers, and those who insist upon disrupting our quality of life. And after you vote on November 3rd, make every effort to hold the winner accountable. Attend public forums, send emails and the District Attorney office to register your complaints, concerns, or support.

Honor Police Officer Randolph Holder’s sacrifice by taking your place on the City wall alongside his colleagues.

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