Senator Klein Announces $100,000 in State Funding for Bronx Seniors Health & Wellness Program

Women’s wellness program aims to provide older adults with access to affordable, holistic healthcare

RSS Women's Wellness - October 2015

Senator Klein with Riverdale seniors at Riverdale Senior Services monthly Women’s Circle on Wednesday, October 22, 2015.


RIVERDALE, NY – State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) announced $100,000 in state funding for the Riverdale Senior Services Women’s Wellness Plan on Wednesday. The announcement came at the group’s monthly Women’s Circle meeting.

“Growing up with my grandparents in Morris Park, I learned the importance of caring for our elders and giving back to those who have given us so much. The Riverdale Senior Services Women’s Wellness program provides participants with free access to wellness services and helps seniors cultivate and maintain both a sound mind and body. I’m proud to have secured $100,000 in funding for the Women’s Wellness Program and I look forward to continuing to work with Riverdale Senior Services to ensure our seniors lead long, healthy and happy lives,” said Senator Klein.

“Healthy and purposeful aging is really the key focus of the Riverdale Senior Services Women’s Wellness Program. Being able to age well in-place and to be independent for as long as possible requires one to be health literate, to have access to resources and to practice preventive strategies. Riverdale Senior Services provides not only a forum for women to gather, but also participate in wellness programs that contribute to health literacy and living a well and balanced full life,” said Andria Léger Cassidy, RN, Deputy and Community  Health Services Director at Riverdale Senior Services.

“All of my life I didn’t have strength in my arms. Now, thanks to the Riverdale Senior Services Women’s Wellness program, I exercise regularly and best of all – I can open my own jars! I am very grateful to Senator Klein for funding this program and Riverdale Senior Services for offering support to women in the community,” said Elvina Lenz, participant in the Women’s Wellness Program and Riverdale resident

The wellness program, targeted at women over 60, is comprised of five distinct parts: a physical fitness and nutrition class, health management services, a wellness tracking card and monthly women’s group that meets to discuss important issues facing seniors today.


  • Women’s Support Group: Helps women to cope with physical, mental and emotional changes in their daily routine due to aging; provides assistance with caregiving issues; and offers support to those dealing with the loss of a loved one or widowhood. The women’s support group meets every Monday at 11:00 a.m.

  • Strong, Healthy and Energized (S.H.E.): A ten-week fitness class designed to integrate exercise, nutrition and stress reduction into women’s daily lives. The health and wellness class is held at the Schervier Apartment Complex on Thursdays from 11:00 – 12:30 p.m.


  • Health Management Services: Women participating in any one of the wellness programs can take advantage of health-management services provided by a registered nurse. This includes blood pressure monitoring, health referrals and health counseling services with a focus on nutrition, medications, weight management, chronic illness and more.

  • Wellness Wheel Tracking Card: A tool to help women take responsibility for achieving balance in their lives by focusing on six dimensions of wellness. Women can use the card to track and develop activities in the following areas: social, physical, vocational, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health.


  • Women’s Circle: Launched this year, the Women’s Circle helps women over 60 to lead a better, more balanced life. The circle provides a forum where women can gather together to gain information, network and enjoy each other’s company. The circle focuses on maintaining wellness and building a community of women with common interests and goals. The Women’s Circle gathers once per month to hold discussion groups.


For more information on the Women’s Wellness Program at Riverdale Senior Services, please contact Senator Klein’s office at 718-822-2049.

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