Letter To The Editor — AirBnB

Dear Editor,

Last Friday, our community gathered together at City Hall to speak out against an extreme home sharing bill aiming to discourage New Yorkers from sharing their homes. This bill unfairly targets New Yorkers and their families by seeking to punish them with a fine of up to $50,000 for sharing their home with travelers while away for work or other reasons.

This excessive measure appears to be promoted for only one reason: to scare middle and working class people from sharing their homes.

Join us in taking a stand by emailing your City Council member. Tell them not to support this extreme bill that would hurt regular New Yorkers sharing their homes to make ends meet.

For thousands of families, home sharing is the only thing that makes it possible for them to stay in the home they love. Yet a fine of this magnitude on middle class families would lead to bankruptcies and force people out of their homes.

And while Airbnb supports a common sense approach to new home sharing policies, this bill completely ignores the vast majority of regular New Yorkers who share only the home in which they live and use the money they earn to pay the bills.

That’s why we’re counting on community members like concerned Bronx residents to stand together and tell the Council not to support this measure.

We urge Bronx Chronicle readers to push back against this bill by emailing their City Council members now.

The Airbnb Team

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