EDITORIAL: Don’t be discouraged. Go out and VOTE!

Today is Election Day. In Bronx County, voter turnout is again expected to be low. It’s an off-year and the only contests on today’s ballot are for District Attorney and judicial posts. GO OUT and VOTE!

The contest for Bronx District Attorney pits Democrat Darcel D. Clark against Republican Robert Siano. Clark is a former appellate court judge and assistant prosecutor. Siano is an attorney in private practice, a former assistant corporation counsel at the city Administration for Children’s Services, court attorney,  and an unsuccessful judicial candidate.

Both candidates are running to replace long-time Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson who resigned suddenly to run for Justice of the State Supreme Court. Johnson’s sudden change of heart came shortly after securing renomination prompted this news site to editorialize that “we see no reason to keep [Johnson] in a job he no longer desires.”

Darcel D. Clark

Darcel D. Clark

The election laws governing filling vacancies post-primary permitted the leaders of the Bronx Democratic Party to substitute Judge Darcel Clark. To their credit they selected a well-qualified candidate.

Robert Siano

Robert Siano

We urged the Republican and Conservative Parties to also nominate a well-qualified individual who will wage a vigorous and competitive campaign for the office of District Attorney come November. They picked Robert Siano but are at a serious electoral and campaign disadvantages. Democrats outnumber Republicans 11-1 and Clark has made three campaign mailings to Siano’s zero.

We urge Bronxites to ignore the naysayers who insist that voting “only encourages the bastards.”

The voters and residents of Bronx County deserve a new District Attorney. One who is committed to the office, the people, the pursuit of justice and in ridding our borough of the scourge of drugs, guns, gang violence and corruption.

As for Robert Johnson, Bronx voters can register their hurt by declining to mark their ballots for him as a judicial candidate for State Supreme Court. You must vote for six (6) candidates for Supreme Court. There are nine (9) candidates running. Click here for the list of candidates.

There are only two candidates running borough-wide for Civil Court. You must vote for two. For a complete list of candidates, click here.

Election Day_Mark It_Scan It_VoteYou MUST exercise your right to vote. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the process, GO OUT and VOTE!

Polls are open today from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

If you are not sure where your poll site is located, click on the NYC Board of Elections Poll Site Locator.  Or contact the Board of Elections at 212-487-5300/5400 or 311.


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