Healthy Halloween Alternative – The Bronx

For the third year in a row, the Bronx community closed off the southern parts of Decatur Avenue and organized Miss Abbie’s Street Fair and Block Event – a healthy Halloween community block party where kids and adults enjoyed a healthy alternative to sugary snacks.


The nonprofit organization, Provident Loan Society of New York – which is located on Decatur Avenue – gave away granola bars, fruits and other snacks that didn’t contain unhealthy corn syrup.


“It’s really important for us to contribute to our local community. We all have a responsibility to make our neighborhoods better and healthier,” said Isaac Rodriguez, CEO of Provident Loan Society of New York, which is located on Decatur Avenue. “This healthy Halloween Street Fair was our way of giving back and doing our part to educate our neighbors on healthy living.”


Other local business from throughout the Bronx also came together and contributed to the street fair.

Montefiore Medical Center and North Bronx Health Care Network offered free blood pressure screenings to New Yorkers and educated them on the dangers of high blood pressure. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, should be checked regularly since it can lead to heart, brain, kidneys and eye damage if left untreated.


On Friday, children from the neighborhood got a chance to carve pumpkins and create their own “art work”. The pumpkins were displayed throughout Decatur Avenue, constituting an art exhibition and letting the New Yorkers enjoy creative and fun art.


Shanequa Charles, the CEO of Miss Abbie’s Kids Inc. spearheaded the street fair.

“The Bronx has one of the highest diabetes rates in our city and diet is largely contributing to it,” said Charles. “Miss Abbie’s goal was to enlighten the community, marrying health and Halloween only makes sense. We wanted to organize a fun event that educated parents on how their diet is not only impacting their health, but also their children’s health.”

And for kids that dream of being a firefighter, the FDNY brought their trucks to the street fair and opened them up so kids could get a close-up view of their equipment, and get to know more about the dangerous and daily life of being a fire fighter.

“Hopefully, this alternative healthy Halloween inspired and educated our community to decrease their intake of sugar and take better care of their health,” said Charles.

By Frida Johannes

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