BIC® Razors Celebrates 40 Years




BIC® Razors Celebrates 40 Years

HELTON, Conn., Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — During 2015, BIC is celebrating 40 years of razor manufacturing. Since the launch of its first razor, the BIC® Classic, in 1975 and its first women’s razor, the BIC® Classic Lady in 1978, BIC has introduced a series of increasingly innovative and successful product lines including BIC Flex for men and BIC Soleil® for women.

BIC’s 40-year commitment to technology and innovation was showcased earlier this year with the addition of the highly anticipated BIC® Flex 5™.  This revolutionary men’s razor has five flexible blades and a uniquely designed handle with a Balancing Sphere™ for better shave control. The BIC Flex portfolio of razors also includes the BIC® Flex3™ and BIC® Flex4®.


BIC(R) Razors Celebrates 40 Years - Latest Product Introductions, Including the BIC(R) Flex 5(TM) and BIC(R) Soleil(R) Glow, are Testament to Brand's Commitment to Technology and Innovation.

BIC® Razors celebrates 40 Years – latest product introductions, including the BIC® Flex 5 and BIC® Soleil® Glow, are testament to the brand’s commitment to technology and innovation.


The company’s most innovative women’s offering, BIC Soleil® Glow®, was introduced in 2014. It has three flexible blades and a patented COMFORT SHIELD™ head that evenly distributes pressure and effortlessly glides for silky, smooth skin. The Soleil® portfolio also includes BIC® Soleil®, BIC® Soleil® Twilight®, BIC® Soleil® Bella® and Simply Soleil®.


BIC will continue to further its commitment to technology and innovation with the highly anticipated January 2016 launch of BIC Soleil Shine™, which offers 5-blades that individually adjust to the contours of a women’s body. This new introduction is BIC’s first 5-blade razor for women and delivers the closest shave in the Soleil® portfolio.


“Consumers purchase BIC razors because of the high-quality shaving experience that they provide,” said Mary-Ellen Lacasse, Director of Marketing – Shavers, BIC Consumer Products USA. “Through continuous innovation, we are able to offer the highest quality blades that deliver consistent shaving performance, all at a fair price.”


Since 1975, BIC has manufactured more than 60 billion razors, and is currently the number one market-volume leader in the United States in the non-refillable razor segment. Each year, 2.6 billion BIC® razors are purchased worldwide.


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