Albany-based Lobbying Firm Expanding into New York City.

Statewide Public Affairs, an Albany-based lobbying firm expanding into New York City by partnering with veteran lobbyist and political operative Jim Quent.

Jim QuentQuent, who has more than 20 years of experience in government, politics, and communications in international, federal, state, city and local governments, joins managing partner Christopher Duryea and partner Roy Lasky.

The newly formed partnership bolsters Statewide’s already diverse client roster, which includes some of the largest technology, pharmaceutical, energy, and transportation companies.  Quent’s client history includes household names in the beverage, hospitality, engineering and construction industries combined with education, health care, not-for-profit and cultural institutions.. Fluent in Spanish, Quent also brings international experience, having worked in Central America.

Quent also brings a wealth of political experience to Statewide, with a career working for both rank and file members and leadership in the State Assembly and Comptroller’s offices, as well as extensive campaign experience including gubernatorial, county and State Assembly races.


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