Santa Claus Is Coming To Town [Free Toys at IS 216]

State Senator Rev Ruben Diaz has invited Santa Claus to come to the Bronx with toys for the children of the South Bronx.

This visit of Santa Claus will take place on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 4:00 PM in the auditorium of Public School IS 216, Rafael Hernandez Middle School, located at 977 Tiffany Street (between Westchester Avenue and East 163rd Street).

The organizers of this event State Republican Chair Ed Cox and Bronx Community Leader Rafael Salamanca, together with Senator Diaz announced that: “Santa Claus will have free toys for the first 1,000 children between the ages of 1 – 9 who arrive at the school.”

All parents are invited to bring their children and join us to help make our children happy during this Christmas Season.

For further information, please contact the Office of Senator Diaz at (718) 991-3161.


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